Children learn to walk in our shoes - choose the best for your child.


A Child’s first steps are an extremely important moment for both the child and his/her parents. It's time to choose his/her first shoes that must be unique of course.

For the sake of toddlers’ feet and parents' peace of mind, we have expanded our offer with the LEARN TO WALK COLLECTION of exceptionally soft and flexible shoes designed for the comfort and safety of the youngest.



The first shoes for a child - health and comfort is a must.

Our early walkers shoes provide not only comfort at the highest level, encouraging independent walking, but above all safety, thanks to the use of the highest quality materials and solutions that specialists consider the best for the development of a child's young feet.

They are entirely made of natural cowhide leather, thanks to which they are soft, work together with the foot at every step, and perfectly adapt to the foot's structure, ensuring not only proper stabilization, but also hygiene.


-These shoes are sewn, not glued, which ensures greater durability without the use of artificial means.


- Profiled leather insoles ensure adequate air circulation as well as proper development, adjusting to the natural curves of the feet, thus preventing flat feet.


- No insole (the part of the shoe located directly under the insole), thanks to which the shoes are extremely flexible, adapt to the style of walking and the shape of the foot, without causing any pressure. They are also more durable.


- Flexible and soft sole ensures bending along the metatarsal joint line, i.e. in a natural place, which allows the child to freely develop his own way of walking, feeling the right pressure and correct positioning of the feet.


- The stiffened heel counter guarantees correct positioning and holding of the foot.


- On the inside, the shoes are wide and tall, also ideal for feet with a high arch, which allows you to move your toes freely and adapt to their natural position. In addition, the toes of the shoe are reinforced, which increases their impact resistance and protects the foot.



Fashionable and safe first shoes for children

Our LEARN TO WALK COLLECTION of shoes are an ideal proposition for all the toddlers and also for those parents who are looking for the first shoes for a child in accordance with the doctors' recommendations. They were created with an emphasis on the highest quality of raw materials, comfort, and above all, nature, so that the position of the toddler's foot and his gait develop without any obstacles, in accordance with the natural shape of his muscles, tendons and the arrangement of the skeleton. Our LEARN TO WALK COLLECTION of shoes brings the child’s foot to the feeling of walking barefoot, which - according to specialists - is the best way for the human body to work and develop in the best possible way.




    In addition, the modern and fashionable design as well as the richness of colors that give our shoes an outgoing and timeless character, will encourage every toddler to take long walks.


Written by:

RenBut & The CoverBaby Team

January 12, 2022 — Justyna Maslanka

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