Dear Moms,

My name is Justyna. I am a mom just like you. I have three boys that I would love to give the world to and even though I realize that may not be possible, I know that I can give them the love and safety they need. We are surrounded by so much fake, misleading information out there. We no longer can tell where our food and clothing come from. Is it healthy? Is it certified? Is it good for my child? These are the questions that moms like us ask each other every single day. I want to bring some truthfulness to moms purchasing in America. My products are handpicked by me and my team. I only accept products that are made in Europe, Our products are certified for safety and nontoxic fabrics. Many of the clothing that CoverBaby offers my own children and family members wear. I am very tired of the fact that moms in America are offered very little choice of what they can buy for their children. Our major clothing companies are selling clothing and shoes that are entirely made in third world countries, in sweatshops, by 21st century slaves, including the children. This inhumane process is producing millions of children’s clothing, made in non-certified factories of China and Vietnam that moms find across most major retailers in the U.S and are forced to purchase for the lack of a better choice. There are serious safety and health issues associated with mass sweatshop production of children’s clothing with the usage of toxic fabrics. There are thousands of children that have been inflicted with allergic reactions and skin irritations from wearing some of these clothes.

This is part of the reason why I continue to sell, with passion, our products. My goal is not to persuade you to believe me, but rather to trust your instincts that your baby and your children deserve the best. I simply want to offer you a choice. Choose CoverBaby for your precious children. Give your child a chance to wear safe and beautiful clothing today.


                                                                Justyna Maslanka-Isler