Environmentally Friendly

Our mission is to provide the softest and most natural material for your child with minimal impact on the environment.


Cozy and always warm

Many parents make sure that their children spend time outdoor every single day. These walks are extremely important for the development of healthy children. Moreover, those are the moments of great relaxation and recreation for the whole family. Thanks to sleeping bags, a walk with the stroller can last longer even in case of cold weather.

Children are not lying quietly in a stroller all the time. The sleeping bag provides constant thermal comfort without the risk of excessive cooling resulting from inefficiency of the blanket itself. Sleeping bags are also perfect for sledges and can be used from the first month of life when even in cold weather when our child is on the veranda we can make the baby get used to the temperature change and shape his or her resistance.

Extraordinary wool

Natural sheep's wool is a product characterized by exceptional properties. At this point it is worth mentioning its unique advantages, which we decided to use in the designing and manufacturing of sleeping bags. Due to lanolin, wool does not absorb the dust which results in mite resistant environment. This is why it is especially recommended for children suffering from allergies.

Wool, however, is for us primarily a natural thermo-regulator. In contact with the human body it heats up to 98.6 ° F and maintains this temperature. Wool isolates us from the cold perfectly and because at the same time it is hygroscopic, it can absorb a very large amount of moisture and does not get wet in contact with the body. Only during the weathering the sheep fleece actually rids of the absorbed water and odour, consequently maintaining its freshness.

Quality and comfort

Extremely breathable materials characterized by excellent properties - breathability ("breathable fabric"), elasticity, durability and resistance to dirt. The filling was granted the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class 1 Certificate.

They can be used in deep baby strollers, car seats and in a sledge. Multi-point holes for safety belts enable safe attachment of the child in various types of vehicle. The outer material is waterproof and provides reliable protection against wind, rain and snow. Moreover, the shape of the sleeping bag enables the child to move freely. Filling made of natural wool guarantees excellent thermal comfort as well as the proper level of humidity.

Organic from nature

Stroller Sleep Bags

Our award winning adjustable wool organic footmuffs provide true comfort on colder days. For those who like long walks with children outside. Filled with pure wool provides water resistance, hygroscopicity and natural thermoregulation. They are practical, warm and universal.