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Child's First Shoes

Children learn to walk in our shoes - choose the best for your child. A Child’s first steps are an extremely important moment for both the child and his/her parents. It's time to choose his/her first shoes that must be unique of course.

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When can you take a newborn outside?

 It all depends on three factors: the health of the baby, the health of the young mother and the current season of the year. The first walk of a newborn baby is a great event in the life of young parents. It is true that the first contact of the child with the world outside the four walls takes place when returning from the hospital - then usually it is a short moment in the air, which the infant spends in a carrier on the way to the car, and then home. This has nothing to do with the actual walk.

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When to put a hat on a child?

Many people believe that a baby hat is essential, regardless of the temperature outside. We ask the pediatrician how it really is: when can a baby be taken for a walk bareheaded without fear of catching a cold, and when it is necessary to put a hat on the baby.

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