It all depends on three factors: the health of the baby, the health of the young mother and the current season of the year.

The first walk of a newborn baby is a great event in the life of young parents. It is true that the first contact of the child with the world outside the four walls takes place when returning from the hospital - then usually it is a short moment in the air, which the infant spends in a carrier on the way to the car, and then home. This has nothing to do with the actual walk.


 A newborn's first walk in fall and winter

When it's cold and gloomy outside, you have to wait until the newborn grows a little before going for the first walk - usually doctors recommend at least two or even better three weeks after returning home from the hospital.

One week before the planned first winter walk, but when your baby is already 10 days old, the child should be dressed and covered in an open stroller then placed near the opened window or balcony door to get used to the cool air and temperature difference between the apartment or house and the outside.

Of course this type of outdoor exposure is as close to walking as dry cleaning to bathing. However, it is based on the fact that the warmly dressed and covered child experiences the temperature change in a safe way. On the first day, it may be exposed to this for about five minutes, on the second day for ten, and on the third for fifteen. After a week, if the temperature outside has not dropped below 25 degrees F and there is no strong wind, which additionally cools the air, you can go outside with the newborn.

The first walk may take no more than fifteen minutes. Each subsequent walk may be several minutes longer. You have to give up the walk (and postpone the first trip) when the temperature outside drops below 22 degrees F.



Newborn's first walk in spring and summer

It is different on warm, clear days. In spring and summer, a newborn's first walk may take place within a week of returning from hospital, especially if it is pleasantly warm outside.

However, when spring or summer is cool, it is worth waiting for a while until the weather improves. Light rain is not an obstacle to walk - it is important to avoid windy days. The first walk in warm weather may take longer than in autumn and winter, up to half an hour. You have to gradually lengthen it, but you don't have to look at your watch.

If the weather is good, even a newborn can spend several hours outside - this time can be divided into several outings. It is better to avoid going outside in hot weather, when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees F.

Written by: Kate Hubicz

January 04, 2022 — Justyna Maslanka

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