Olive Organic Wool Adjustable Footmuff


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Sleep & Grow Sheep Wool Sleeping Bag

Multi-functional Footmuff Multi Arctic S20 


True comfort on colder days. For those who like long walks with children outside. Filled with pure wool provides water resistance, hygroscopicity and natural thermoregulation. They are practical, warm and universal. Suitable for strollers, car seats, sleds and if you are out on the veranda.

They can be used in prams, strollers, car seats or as a sleeping bag. Multi-point holes for safety belts enable you to fasten your baby safely. Outer waterproof material is a perfect protection against wind, rain and snow. Detachable upper part is very practical while baby is put into the foot muff or when it is necessary to detach it very quickly (e.g. entering a house from outdoor)


  • it protects against wind, rain and snow
  • provides comfort and warmth, even on very cold days
  • prevents overheating
  • has the ability to unwind the upper part of the quilt, thanks to which it better protects against cold


  • adjustable length - it grows with your child
  • has a welt in the collar, making it easier to adjust the sleeping bag to the shapes of the stroller
  • after removing the quilt completely, the bottom part can be used as a warm pad for the stroller or car seat
  • you can quickly unlink the extra layer
  • has a cover to prevent the sleeping bag from slipping off the back of a stroller or sledge


  • product type: sleeping bag for the strollers
  • sizes: 83/106 x 45 cm
  • 5 point holes for seat belts 
  • made in Poland
  • intended for babies from their birth to at least the 3rd year of life
  • windproof
  • waterproof (protects from rain and snow)
  • insulated with 100% natural sheep wool
  • anti-allergic
  • composition: outer fabric: 100% polyester; inner fabric: 100% wool; filler: 100% polyester

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