The best time to start using a baby sleeping sack is after the baby is around 3 months old and has developed strong neck muscles. At this point, the risk of suffocation is greatly reduced as the baby is less likely to roll over onto their stomach or face. A baby sleeping sack can provide a safer and more comfortable sleep environment for babies who may otherwise be swaddled too tightly or placed in loose blankets.

Parents may also choose to use a baby sleeping sack when transitioning their infant from a swaddle to a more independent sleep environment. As babies begin to roll over, kicks off blankets, or show signs of wanting more freedom of movement, a sleeping sack can be a great alternative to traditional bedding. Many baby sleeping sacks also include innovative features like double zippers that make nighttime diaper changes easier and more convenient.

When buying a baby sleeping sack, parents should choose one that is appropriately sized for their baby's weight and height, and made from breathable materials, such as cotton, that won't cause overheating. They should also carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions for use, and avoid placing any bulky items or toys inside the sack with the baby. With the right precautions and a well-fitting sleeping sack, babies can sleep soundly and safely throughout the night.