Melange Gray Premium Wool Adjustable Footmuff

Warm and Dry Baby = A healthy and happy baby.
Warm and Dry Baby = No more doctor visits
Warm and Dry Baby = No more losing time from work
Warm and Dry Baby = A happy family
*You're not just buying a footmuff; you're buying peace of mind*

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Organic Wool Adjustable Melange Gray Footmuff Sleeping Bag

Our Organic Wool Adjustable Melange Gray Footmuff Sleeping Bag provides full comfort on cold days. For those who like long walks with a child in the fresh air. Filling from natural wool guarantees excellent thermal comfort. Practical, warm and universal. Ideal for newborns as well as for older babies (0-3 years of age). Thanks to an intelligent zipper system the foot muff can be adjusted - twisted and extended depending on baby's needs and age.

They can be used in prams, strollers, car seats, and carriages. Multipoint holes for safety belts enable you to fasten your baby safely. Outer waterproof material is a perfect protection against wind, rain and snow. Detachable upper part is very practical while baby is put into the footmuff or when it is necessary to detach quickly (e.g. entering the house from outdoors)

It suits:

  • pram - carriage / gondola type
  • stroller
  • car seat
  • snow sled
  • completely detached as a warm liner to baby carriage

Comfort and safety for the baby

  • protects against wind, rain and snow
  • provides comfort and warmth, even on very cold days
  • prevents overheating
  • ability to unwind the upper part of the quilt, allowing excellent protection against cold

Comfort for you

  • adjustable length - it grows with your child
  • has a welt in the collar, making it easy to adjust the sleeping bag to the shapes of the stroller
  • after removing the quilt completely, the bottom part can be used as a warm pad for the stroller or car seat
  • can quickly unlink the extra layer
  • cover to prevent the sleeping bag from slipping off the back of a stroller or car seat

Information about the product

  • product type: sleeping bag for the strollers
  • sizes: 84/106 x 45 cm
  • made in Poland
  • intended for babies from their birth to at least 3 years of age
  • windproof
  • waterproof (protects from rain and snow)
  • fully insulated with organic natural sheep wool
  • anti-allergic
  • 5 and 3 hole points system of fastening seat belts
  • universal 5in1 ideal to baby carriage bassinet, to sledge, to a car seat or as a warm liner to baby carriage
  • made of safe, certified fabrics meeting human-ecological requirements

Washing instructions

Do not wash, do not chlorinate, iron, dry clean gently, dry in a horizontal position


inner fabric: 100% European sheep wool; outer fabric: 100% polyester


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Cleaning Instructions:

DO: Dry clean gently and dry horizontally

DO NOT: wash, bleach, or iron

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Devon Neuls
Checks all the boxes and more!

Beautiful stroller muff. I wanted something non toxic and thermoregulating for my little one and this stroller muff checks all the boxes. It fits my uppababy vista 2 stroller perfectly. It has extendable options for newborn and infant. It is waterproof and baby can sleep without getting sweaty like she does in polyester muffs or blankets. It is supposed to be just dry cleaned which is the only down fall as that can introduce chemicals that defeats the purpose but I will see if they have any non toxic options. Overall beautiful stroller muff, I highly recommend.

Extremely warm

little guy is comfortable and warm. like the product and fits my vista stroller

warm and beautiful

This is a very beautiful footmuff and veryyyyy warm. I get many complements from many moms. I would buy it again and again :-)

Great idea, pretty good product.

The muff is as described. It's good quality wool that I'm sure wicks moisture and any sweat away. It seems to be windproof. It is a good size and the holes fit in my stroller and car seat. My son uses the length extender at 50th percentile at 10 months old. I think it will last a kids second year of life.

There's a filler between the wool and the outer shell to give it puffiness. I think there should be option for this filler to be wool or down to make the muff extra warm for Canadian winters at -30 Celsius. The zipper has tiny teeth; I'd have liked to see an industrial quality zipper- in order to use the muff you have to use the zipper twice for each use, and it gets stuck sometimes where it's bent to the shape of the car seat.

If there was a snap or something to keep the corner pinned back away from the baby's face that would be helpful. When the baby wakes, the muff is in his face, and I'm always hoping it doesn't bother him and wake him up. I leave it 5" unzipped so that he can push it away from his face.

I would recommend buying this product. I hope they consider my suggestions on how to make it even more superior.

Water resistant and extra warm

Love it. Warm and my baby loves it. I’m not gonna worried any more that she's getting cold while she in this comfy footmuff. This product is high quality and keeps my her toasty in this bone chilling Canadian weather. I truly appreciate the customer service throughout the process from ensuring this would work with my stroller to following up after using it. Thank you